Trinity's hunting stabilizers are designed to give you the flexibility of adjusting the stabilizer in order to fit your needs on the fly. The t3 features the full containment "Halo" that isolates and removes sound and vibration.
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The full containment design of the "Halo" isolates sounds and vibrations like nothing else out there. The key is capturing the elastomer between the stabilizer bar and the weight to give the unwanted noise and shock a place to leave the bow and make each shot dead in the hand.
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What separates the Anchor line from other target stabilizers is the revolutionary patent pending IWS (internal weighting system). This innovative system allows you to add up to 2oz on the inside of the stabilizer in 1/2oz increments. This allows you to fine tune your bow set up.
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While we at Trinity Archery strive to bring you the best possible archery products it is our main goal to reach out to those that do not know the love of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that our products will inspire the user and also serve as a tool to share your faith with others. We appreciate your interest in our products.

"There is NOTHING more stable than the Trinity"