The new t3 stabilizer, was designed to once again, give you the flexibility of adjusting the stabilizer in order to fit your needs on the fly. The t3 features the full containment "Halo" that isolates and removes sound and vibration. The t3 is just what you have been waiting for.


The t3 has 3 fixed positions: 90 degrees, straight, and 25 degrees downward. The treestand hunter can dial in their bow from the range, and once in the tree stand move the stabilizer to the 25 degrees down position to move the center of gravity back in the bow to capture the correct feel.


In addition, you are once again able to shoot a longer stabilizer and quickly store in your case without removal and utilize it to carry your bow in the field.


Product video for the *NEW* T3 Stabilizer from Trinity Archery!